Season 1 - Episode 5

King Firouz

When Firouz's Ruby-Beamer malfunctions, Sinbad and his crew go ashore to assist
in fixing its damage. They find themselves most welcome by the Admiral of Princess
Elila's guard, both impressed by Firouz's device.

Starring: Zen Gesner (Sinbad), George Buza (Doubar), Tim Progosh (Firouz)
Oris Erhuero (Rongar), Dermott (Himself), Jacqueline Collen (Maeve)

Guest Stars: Geza Kovacs (Admiral Azul), Lisa Melman (Princess Elila)
Graham Clarke (Belden), Ronald France (Puzz)

Written by John Shirley
Directed by Neill Fearnley

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