Season 1 - Episode 9

Double Trouble

A mission on which the crew bring a peace offering to Omar, the Sultan of Basra,
on behalf of the Caliph of Baghdad turns deadly when Rumina gets involved. Meanwhile,
Maeve pays a visit to a sorceress, Cairpra, and comes to terms with her doubts.

Starring: Zen Gesner (Sinbad), George Buza (Doubar), Tim Progosh (Firouz)
Oris Erhuero (Rongar), Dermott (Himself), Jacqueline Collen (Maeve)

Guest Stars: Julianne Morris (Rumina), Brian O'Shaughnessy (Omar)
Adrienne Pearce (Cairpra), Christo Loots (Advisor #1), Pete Butler (Advisor #2)
Angela Martin (Landlady)

Written by Jule Selbo
Directed by Ken Girotti

Trivia: Angela Martin is Tim Progosh's wife.

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