Season 1 - Episode 18

The Bully

Sinbad helps Omar, the Sultan of Basra, slay a giant Cyclops that has crushed his men
and is threatening to destroy an entire village of settlers from Basra. At the same,
Sinbad has to deal with the demon from his past who turned him into a sailor.

Starring: Zen Gesner (Sinbad), George Buza (Doubar), Tim Progosh (Firouz)
Oris Erhuero (Rongar), Dermott (Himself), Jacqueline Collen (Maeve)

Guest Stars: Brian O'Shaughnessy (Omar), Christo Loots (Advisor #1)
Pete Butler (Advisor #2), Andrew Mackenzie (Cyclops), Ricky Rudolph (Harun Al-Dizar)

Written by Ed Naha
Directed by Terry Ingram

Trivia: Ed Naha said in many interviews that he enjoyed writing the
relationship between Sinbad and Doubar.

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