Season 2 - Episode 21

The Guardians

A dying mother asks the crew to make sure her baby, Ajeeb, makes it to the
monastery in Balardi. On their trail, a gang of cutthroats led by Korla, who
want the child dead as they fear its connection to their rivals, the Balardi
Monks, will one day destroy them.

Starring: Zen Gesner (Sinbad), George Buza (Doubar), Tim Progosh (Firouz)
Oris Erhuero (Rongar), Dermott (Himself), Mariah Shirley (Bryn)

Guest Stars: Raoul Trujillo (Korla), Kelly Fiddick (Para), John Stead (Ajeeb)
Angela Martin (Ajeeb's Mother), John Springett (Town Leader)
Abi & Megan Colins (Baby Ajeeb)

Written by Craig Volk
Directed by Steven Stern

Trivia: John Stead was the show's stunt coordinator. Angela Martin is Tim Progosh's wife.

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